30 April 2012

The last 24 hours in pictures. 'Its the difficult ones that are worth the raising.'

What a difference a day makes! This was the gloomy picture last night.
photo-3 photo-4

And today I am gardening in bright sunshine…

Accompanied by creatures big (Tim and Spot the dog)…
South Kesteven-20120426-00712
and small..

I have been weeding these… their determined tap roots come out more easily than usual thanks to the saturated ground
and I am replacing them with homegrown scabious, vetch, ox eye daisies and autumn hawkbit.
South Kesteven-20120430-00713
so that in high summer, they will add to the meadows on the terraces.
EWG 3.7.11 (105)
This teenage weather is exacting and challenging, producing no visitors while the garden looks perfect. But, as a wise person once told my despairing mother ‘It’s the difficult ones that are worth the raising.’

Just remind me I said that the next time water floods the shop, the office, the gardens….

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  1. I can't believe the water's gone so quickly! I love that quote about teenagers - most comforting indeed!


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